A Beginner’s Guide for Building a Business Wardrobe – Suiting

Blogger Elizabeth of Hard Alee in Ann Taylor Seasonless Suit
Blogger Elizabeth of Hard Alee in Ann Taylor Seasonless Suit
Blogger Elizabeth of Hard Alee in Ann Taylor Seasonless Suit
Blogger Elizabeth of Hard Alee in Ann Taylor Seasonless Suit
Blogger Elizabeth of Hard Alee in Ann Taylor Seasonless Suit

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. We had a busy one filled with family and friends, and, of course, it all went too quickly. I am gearing up for another very busy week of work and travel. Today, I am flying out to Buffalo at 5:45 AM for a jam-packed day and busy Tuesday morning. Then, I will fly back home after lunch. Wednesday, I have several meetings in Connecticut, and Thursday, I will head up to Wellesley, Massachusetts for more. I won’t get any rest on Friday, either. I’m shooting with Julia, having lunch with Amanda from Healthy Wifestyle, and, then, heading to my kids’ school to read for “Read Across America”.

Now to get into today’s post, I wanted to share some tips for building a business wardrobe for those who are new(er) to the professional world. I’ve been in “Corporate America” for almost 11 years now (crazy!). Over those 11 years, I’ve worked for five different corporations, all very large, well-known, and respected in the financial services industry. I’ve learned a LOT about a lot, which I plan to share with you over time, and today, I am starting with building a business wardrobe.

When I graduated college and started my career, I was beyond excited and ready to learn as much as I could, as quickly as possible. And, I, also, wanted to do it all while looking fashionable and appropriate. Being a fashion lover meant that I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would wear as a business professional in the financial world, and this all started before I even accepted a job offer, right, because the way you present yourself in a job interview is extremely important, but more on that in another post.

The best way to start a business wardrobe is with simple basic staples. Think black and navy suit pieces – skirts, pants, jackets, and sheaths – in seasonless fabrics. For blouses, I recommend sticking with white and ivory shells and blouses that are on the plain side. If you find this surprising, especially coming from someone who proclaims to love fashion, let me explain.

When you are brand-new to an organization, you want to blend in at first. You don’t want to draw any negative attention to yourself, and you need to get a good grasp on what is and is not acceptable before you deviate from what’s traditional.

Also, when you just graduate college or start a new career path, often, budgets are tight. Keeping a simple wardrobe will allow you to mix-and-match or rewear items more easily, potentially without anyone even noticing. Therefore, you can get more wear out of each piece and feel better about your purchases.

I hope you found this post helpful, and please let me know your thoughts or questions below.

Photos by Julia D’Agostino

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