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work style, classic style, j.crew

The summer season brings many great things, like beach days, long nights, short sleeves, and summer dresses. For those who work in corporate America, from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, most are free from suits and ties, and business casual wear is accepted Monday through Friday.

work style, classic style, j.crew
This outfit is perfect for a business casual day, before it gets too hot. This shirt has long sleeves, but it’s made from a nice, lightweight fabric. The pintuck detail over the chest is simple, yet sophisticated. I bought this shirt last year, but there is a very similar one linked here.
work style, classic style, j.crew
I’ve written about this skirt before, because it is a favorite of mine. It is so flattering and conservative, and the fabric is thick and high quality. This skirt will definitely last for years to come. work style, classic style, j.crew

This outfit is in tall sizing, which is a huge plus for me. Finding professional work attire as a tall women can be challenging. But, J.Crew is definitely a go-to for me. Over the last few months, they have really stepped up their offering, and I am so grateful!

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