Children’s Books for Valentine’s Day

Children's Books for Valentine's Day by Blogger Elizabeth of Hard Alee

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Here are some of my favorite books about love, feelings, and consent for little ones.

  1. This is cute picture book for infants.
  2. This is such a sweet book, and the illustrations are so beautiful.
  3. A great touch and feel book for infants – so much softness!
  4. A cute book for little boys and/or girls who love trucks. I bought this for John. He is obsessed with trucks!
  5. A cute book for little boys and/or girls who love dance. I bought this for Madeline. She loves dance!
  6. A very cute & simple story for infants.
  7. This is a book about body boundaries for children.
  8. A beautiful book of feelings.
  9. This is sweet coloring book for little ones.
  10. This one is my favorite. It is filled with so much sweetness. Give me all the feels.

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