Disney Princess Gifts for Young Children

Hard Alee Holiday Gift Guide - Disney Princess Gifts for Little Girls
  1. Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls – These are just like paper dolls. My daughter LOVES them.
  2. Imagine Ink & Stickers – Imagine Ink is a mess-free coloring marker and book set that is easily portable. This bundle also includes a sticker book. It is perfect for traveling and restaurants.
  3. Princess Dress-Up Box – This provides hours and hours of fun. My daughter loves dressing herself and her little brother.
  4. Duffle Bag – I have these bags for both of my children. They are spacious and durable.
  5. Look & Find – Toddlers and Preschoolers love these books.
  6. Princess Castle Lego Set – We have this. It is really cute. You can buy multiple sets (different ones) and bundle them together.
  7. Floor Puzzle – Perfect for preschoolers.
  8. Princess Smart Sketcher – This looks fun for children who are over 4 years old.
  9. Princess Alphabet Book – This is a great alphabet book with multiple flaps, which kids really love.

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