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Something I didn’t get into with first go at blogging was compiling gift guides. Giving nice, meaningful gifts is something I really enjoy, but often don’t have the time to do. Compiling these guides will help me be more thoughtful with the important people in my life, and I hope they inspire you and help save you some time, too.

For my first guide, I chose to do an engagement party gift guide, because two people who are very important in my personal life just became engaged. Most of the items here I gave them at their brunch celebration, and I’ve added in a few other items, too.

Custom Champagne Label: This is so simple and cute. There are so many different options available. You can find one to fit with any theme. I chose a coastal one, because the engagement took place on Cape Cod. I linked the exact one on my LIKEtoKNOW.it page.

Matching Coffee Mugs: I like the gift set for both the bride and the groom when you are close to the fiancé and fiancée. This could be a wedding gift, too. These are perfect for coffee and/or tea lovers.

”Sweating for the Wedding!” Reusable Water Bottle: This is perfect for any bride-to-be who is working hard to look their best for the big day.

Bride Wine Glass: This is the perfect gift for a wine-loving bride.

Personalized Wedding Planner: This is one of the best planners I’ve found, and I really love how you can personalize the cover with your name and the inside with the start date/month. It comes in pink, mint, light blue, and grey.

Matching Wine Glasses: Great for wine lovers.

Ring Dish: This is the cutest little ring dish for the most important piece of jewelry a woman will ever own.

Cheers Candy Box: This is one of my favorite new gift ideas. This box has three different champagne flavored candies, and its perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Bride Coffee Mug: This is the perfect gift for a co-worker or anyone with whom you regularly grab coffee.

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