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Blogger Elizabeth of Always About the Details shares her favorite professional handbags, office staples, office styleI’m excited to announce that I am starting a new series for all the profession women out there. I will be posting about my favorite professional staples and bucketing them into specific categories. For example, my first post will be focused on professional handbags, next on shoes, then accesories, etc. I will include options at varying price points, and I look forward to receiving feedback from you on what you like and what else you would like to see. 

So to start off with some context, in business (and life) first impressions are important. In my field, which is a conservative one, how a man or woman presents themselves is critical to their career. From a physical appearance standpoint, everyone notices the quality of your clothes, handbag or briefcase, watch, jewelry, shoes, etc. Clothes should never be wrinkled, shoes should always be shined, make-up should be appropriate, etc. I know for many of you, this might seem outdated, but for people who work in more traditional business environments and industries, like finance, law, and insurance, this is still very much the norm.

Arguably, one of the most important accessories for a professional woman is her handbag, just as a briefcase is important to a man’s professional look. I tend to go with bags that are black. The current exception if my LV Neverfull Tote in Damier Ebene (the brown checked one), but that’s it. 

Here I have compiled my favorite professional handbags for professional women, at varying price points:

One: This is a beautiful, structured tote. I love the contrasting interior color, and it comes in a beautiful light gray color, as well.

Two: This bag is great for business travelers and/or commuters. Anddd, it comes with a removable laptop case – bonus!

Three: I own this style bag in a different size and color, and I have been using it consistently for years. The leather is soft, yet structured, and the zipper is a plus.

Four: This one has a beautiful contrasting interior, too, and a toggle at the top to keep the bag securely closed. It comes in black, blush, and a light tan.

Five: This bag is made of really high quality leather; it comes in 11 different colors; and it includes a small zipped pouch for important things that you don’t want to be loose in your bag.

Six: This is bag is a dream, and out of my price range, but I had to include it, because it is one of my current favorites. This is a very high-quality bag, and it is so beautiful in person. The interior is perfectly designed, with a pretty large zippered interior pocket that divides the bag into two sections. And, it comes in five different colors, including two shades of gray.

Seven: This bag is awesome for organization. Anyone who hates having their belongings all over the place, this is the bag for you. There are so many pockets and sections. And, this one comes in five colors.

Eight: I really love the look of this bag, and it comes with a long strap, which is nice for those who live or commute into a city. The bag is a nice size, and it has a few compartments, including a center zip pouch.

I hope you found this helpful, and let me know your thoughts below!


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